TST Norways Troll Security Service Fact Sheet



Troll Base Number

Report of Closed Form Troll
National Monitoring Program for the Troll. 

Norway’s TST Troll Security Service.

Troll was a Male, Female, its kind was, Bergtroll (Mountain Troll), Skogstroll (Forest Troll)
was killed/found at....time...as a cause of: skadefelling, self defense, car/train, ailment (sickness), other (specify). The troll: burst/cracked....calcified....conventional

Name of the place it was found City, State, Territory (if known) A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I
UTM Map Reference:   Map Number:  ED50: 
GPS reading:  UTM-zone:  Nord:  0st:

If troll is killed because of skadefelling following samples are to be taken as quickly as possible:
2 mouth samples, hair samples, skin, cranium (skull), kidney, liver.

Troll Species:   The Amount of Heads:   
The Trolls Weight: Whole,  Without Head,  Heart

Troll measurements: CAUTION! Objectives of the stretched tape measure !
1. Chest Circumference   2. Body Length (without tail)  
3.  Tail Length (from root to tip) (beginning to end) 4.  Nasal Length(length of nose)
5. Largest Head Circumference (head diameter) 6. Head Length 
7. Foot Length (length of feet) 8 Arm Length. length of arms
Observer........  Tel. Phone......

TROLL Fact Sheet

TROLL (Monstrus Norvegicus)

As opposed to common folklore, troll is an animal species. Trolls are characterized by their long noses which are used to smell their enemies over a great distance. They communicate with each other through simple sounds and we estimate their level of intelligence to be that of a dog. Most trolls get as old as 500 while the oldest can be up to 1200 years old.

Trolls as a species consist of 2 main groups: skogstroll (forest trolls) and bergtroll (mountain trolls). There’s also been reports of seatrolls, but these are outside of TST's area of responsibility so there is very little information about them.

Most trolls are covered in fur, though other nature elements can be found on their body like, shrub growth, moss. Bergtrollet has a stone surface on the upper part of its body. Older trolls are often covered in a thin calcium layer as a result of sun exposure during its lifetime.

Since trolls spend most of their life inside mountains in complete darkness they can't stand sunlight and are able to survive on an extremely low Vitamin D count. If exposed to sunlight, the UVB-rays will cause an explosive Vitamin D production in their body which again leads to a hyper reaction in the bone mass causing them to either crack or become calcified. Therefore even strong tanning lamps can be dangerous for trolls.

There's 1000 troll distributed on several different groups (tribes). These are held in place at 11 TST controlled territories like Finnmarksvidda

Some common trolls:

Bergtroll (Mountain Trolls):

1. Jotne:

Giant trolls. Can reach a height of 100 m. Peaceful. Lives inside various mountains in Jotunheimen and rarely comes out. Plagued by a weak immune system and gets sick easily.

2. Dovregubbe:

Pack animal. Situated around Dovrefjell. Feeds of shrubs, granite and musk (it's an animal). Dislikes the forest. Good at rock digging and is responsible for hollowing out most mountains at Dovre.

3. Raglefant:

5 m tall. Weighs up to 15 ton because of a heavy rock mass around its body. Thrives alone. Very strong and aggresive. Hoards food, often cattle, to survive long stays inside the mountain.

Skogstroll (Forest Trolls):

1. Tusseladd:

Thrives in both forest and mountain. Has 3 heads, 9 at the most. Most of them are situated around Dovre, though one might find them elsewhere as well. Struggles with schizophrenia and food consumption. Tusseladden is very thin, borderline anorexic.

2. Harding: About 15 m tall, resides in Sogn og Fjordane. Very mobility impaired as their body is very calcified. This makes them able to wander outside on a heavily overcast day.

3. Rimtusse: Our most common troll. They're 3 m in diameter and almost as round as a ball. Despite their shape they're able to move quite, lives of sheep and cows. They live in the valley surrounded by mountains close to Jotunheimen, though they can also be observed near Finnmarksvidda and in Telemark.

Trolls normally stay far away from humans and hides well in the nature. They can get aggressive though if they feel threatened and each year about 20 hikers disappear. Unlike most of the troll hunters reports, there's no evidence supporting the claim that Christians are more vulnerable to attack than others, though this is a priority research area.

Sources used for the above english translation are from Link: Google Translate and the only other translation that I could find so far on the net was from user Link: Dead_Pleasures I'm very appreciated, Thank You !

I'm hoping that the Norwegian PR team will release an English Version
because Google Translate was kinda uncertain the correct words.  Any further translations of the 3 TST Documents is welcomed, please email me, Thanks :)


Field Notes:
Translation and info gathering still a work in progress . . .

Trolls as a species consist of 2 main groups:
A) Skogstroll (Forest Trolls)
B) Bergtroll (Mountain Trolls)
C) Some reports of Seatrolls

A) Skogstroll (Forest Trolls) Woodland
1. Tusseladd: Tosserlads: Has 3 Heads
2. Harding:
3. Rimtusse: they are about human size on scale.

B) Bergtroll (Mountain Trolls)
1. Jotne: Jötnar, The massive Jotner, Giant trolls, Gargantuan, which is a mountain troll reaching 80 meter above the snow covered landscape.
2. Dovregubbe: Dovregubben, the Mountain Kings, Pack animal, Cave Trolls
3. Raglefant: Ringlefinch = Under the Bridge Troll, most notable trait is their explosive temperament.

For the movie, Øvredal created four species of trolls

For my TST fan logos:
On the english subtitles it said TSS but I was going by the Norway PST website Norway and English logos as my guide and on the Troll Forms it has TST


Trollvettreglene based on Fjellvettreglene The Norwegian Mountain Code
I found a really nice Norway site Link: My Little Norway

Monster Master = Power Lines used as Electric Fences

The Norwegian troll code ( Trollvettreglene) followed in the Norwegian The troll hunter DVD.

The Norwegian Troll Code
by ~Snow-sauria :) Thanks :)

1. Do not stay in the forest after sunset.

2. Do not go on a trip if you're a Christian. Never.

3. Be equipped against troll even on short trips. Always bring with you a strong ultraviolet light.

4. No not walk so fast that you begin to sweat.

5. Be skeptical to large trees covered in moss.

6. Do not listen to "experienced" hikers. They know nothing about trolls.

7. Walk alone, you never know who is a Christian.

8. Turn back if you meet 'monstermaster'. Sensible retreat is no disgrace.

9. If you meet a troll, dig yourself down and wait for sunrise.

10. Stay away from Sogn og Fjordane.



Trolljegeren - The Troll Hunter

Link:  Troll Hunter Picture Gallery

Link:  Official Site

Link:  Official Facebook

Link:  YouTube

Link:  TST-dokument

Link:  TrollHunterUK

Link:  Official Facebook US

Link:  A Norwegian Viewers Guide to Troll Hunter

Link: Troooollll ! Ringtone



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Ha, thanks for the interesting facts. It gave me quite a laugh!
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Great page!
I´m honored!

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